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    Parses yaml files into deploy + other fixes · c154b444
    Tim Rozet authored
    This patch allows deploy_settings.yaml and inventory settings to be
    passed in via cmdline.  The deploy settings are overridden by cmdline
    arguments.  For example, if a user specifies no_ha in cmdline it will
    override what is in deploy_settings.yaml.  The inventory file provides
    yaml input for the baremetal topology.
    Fixes include:
     - New arguments for passing inventory and deploy_settings
     - "global_params" in deploy_settings are set as globals in script
    (unless already set via cmdline)
     - "deploy_options" are loaded into an array, and checked for deployment
    options (such as which SDN controller to use)
     - inventory file is parsed (for baremetal) into correct instack json
    output.  The output is then written to a temp instackjson file and used
    for deployment.
     - renaming of copy_materials to copy_materials_to_instack
     - spelling fixes
     - cmdline argument checking with errors and warnings
    Note this patch does not yet tamper with setting network-environment
    JIRA: APEX-53
    Change-Id: I9dce197e23563480c584650ba967898312eab4e7
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTim Rozet <trozet@redhat.com>