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    darin authored
    	- changes inspired by things I noticed reviewing diffs vs. KDE when preparing the tarball
            * kjs/function.cpp: (GlobalFuncImp::call): Use strtol when strtoll is
    	not available. Do #ifndef NDEBUG, not #if !NDEBUG.
            * kjs/function.h: Do #ifndef NDEBUG, not #if !NDEBUG.
            * kjs/internal.cpp:
            (InterpreterImp::initGlobalObject): Do #ifndef NDEBUG, not #if !NDEBUG.
            (KJS::printInfo): Remove case for ListType and remove default case that just
    	ends up suppressing the "missing case" warning and does no good.
            * kjs/interpreter.cpp: (Interpreter::evaluate): Do #ifndef NDEBUG, not #if !NDEBUG.
            * kjs/nodes.cpp:
            (Node::finalCheck): Fix accidentally-deleted code in an ifdef we never compile.
            (FunctionCallNode::evaluate): Remove bogus XXX comment. Maciej put this comment in,
            and together we determined it's not needed.
            (TypeOfNode::evaluate): Ditto.
            * kjs/object.cpp: Remove assert that refers to ListType.
            * kjs/value.h: Remove ListType.
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