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    ggaren authored
            Added test for the viewource attribute, which applies to <frame> and
            <iframe> elements.
            * fast/frames/viewsource-attribute-expected.txt: Added.
            * fast/frames/viewsource-attribute.html: Added.
            * fast/frames/frameElement-widthheight.html: Removed stray character.
            Reviewed by Maciej.
            More frame/iframe merging.
            - Removed needWidgetUpdate and related code. needWidgetUpdate is always
            false, so this was dead code.
            - Removed FIXME about setInViewSourceMode inside openURL(). openURL(), rather
            than attach(), is the correct place for setInViewSourceMode, because
            openURL() is the function that creates our frame.
            - Moved IFRAME insertedIntoDocument() code into FRAME, and removed FRAME
            code that did the same thing in other places.
            - Made FRAME's attach() method suffuciently generic so that IFRAME could
            call up to it, rather than skipping its superclass and calling up directly 
            to ELEMENT.
            - Changed a few IFRAME up-calls to ELEMENT into up-calls to FRAME.
            - Replaced ad hoc frame loading code in FRAME::attach() with call to
            openURL(), the designated frame loading function.
            Layout tests pass. I added a layout test for viewsource mode, since I
            broke it in the course of writing this patch.
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