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    	- fixed 3144882 -- pretend to be WinIE for abcnews.com
            * WebView.subproj/WebControllerPrivate.h: Add an enum, UserAgentStringType, with values
    	Safari, MacIE, and WinIE. Also add NumUserAgentStringTypes and turn the userAgent and
    	userAgentWhenPretendingToBeMacIE strings into an array indexed by type.
            * WebView.subproj/WebController.m:
            (-[WebController setApplicationNameForUserAgent:]): Use a loop to discard the user agent
    	strings, since we have an array now.
            (-[WebController userAgentForURL:]): Change user agent algorithm to check two strings rather
    	than once against the spoof table, allowing two dots in the "domain name", which is needed
    	for "abcnews.go.com". Get a user agent string type from the table rather than just a boolean
    	"pretend to be MacIE". Store a string per type rather than one for normalcy and one for MacIE.
    	Add a case for WinIE to the user agent computations.
    	* English.lproj/StringsNotToBeLocalized.txt: Update for change above.
            * WebView.subproj/WebControllerPrivate.m:
            (-[WebControllerPrivate dealloc]): Use a loop to discard the user agent strings, since we have
    	an array now.
            (-[WebController _defaultsDidChange]): Ditto.
            * WebView.subproj/WebUserAgentSpoofTable.gperf: Add a UserAgentStringType field to the struct.
    	Add MacIE to each existing table entry, and add a new one that says WinIE for abcnews.go.com.
            * Makefile.am: Pass "-F ,0" to gperf so that we don't get warnings compiling empty entries
    	in the hash table.
            * WebView.subproj/WebUserAgentSpoofTable.c: Re-generated.
            - other changes
            * WebView.subproj/WebHTMLView.m: Removed some old, dead, #if 0'd code.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@3307 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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