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    	Partway to removing Value from List. Created a marking List
    	variant, used it in place of ListImp.
            * kjs/internal.h: Removed List stuff.
            * kjs/internal.cpp:
            (InterpreterImp::mark): Call appropriate List method to do marking of
    	empty ListImp.
            * kjs/object.h:
            * kjs/object.cpp: Use marking List instead of ListImp *.
            * kjs/types.h:
            * kjs/types.cpp:
            (List::List): New boolean needsMarking parameter.
            (List::operator=): Perform trickery related to needsMarking.
            (List::~List): Likewise.
            (List::mark): Mark the ListImp.
    	(ListImp::*): Moved here fron internal.cpp, they will be
    	integrated into the relevant List methods soon.
            * force-js-clean-timestamp: Rebuild for JSC changes.
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