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            Reviewed by Sam.
            - http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15924
              next round of changes to JSRegExp (formerly PCRE)
            This is a combination of converting to C++, tweaking the API, and adding
            some additional optimizations.
            Future steps will involve getting rid of the use of UTF-8 completely
            (we'll use UTF-16 exclusively instead), eliminating more source files,
            and some more speed-ups.
            SunSpider says the current round is an 0.9% speed-up overall, and a
            5.3% speed-up for regexp.
            * JavaScriptCore.exp: Updated for new entry points.
            * JavaScriptCore.pri:
            * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.vcproj:
            * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/dftables/dftables.vcproj:
            * JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
            * JavaScriptCoreSources.bkl:
            * jscore.bkl:
            Updated for new source file names and ForwardingHeaders.
            * kjs/regexp.cpp:
            (KJS::RegExp::RegExp): Changed to use the error message without calling
            strdup on it and to pass the new types and options.
            (KJS::RegExp::~RegExp): Removed the now-unneeded free of the error message.
            (KJS::RegExp::match): Pass the new types and options.
            * kjs/regexp.h: Update type of m_constructionError.
            * pcre/AUTHORS: Update to reflect the status of the project -- we don't include
            the Google parts, and this isn't the PCRE library, per se.
            * pcre/COPYING: Ditto.
            * pcre/dftables.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/dftables.c.
            (main): Removed unneeded ctype_digit.
            * pcre/pcre.h: Convert to C++, tweak API a bit. Use UChar instead of JSRegExpChar.
            * pcre/pcre_compile.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_compile.c.
            Moved a lot of private stuff used only within this file here from pcre_internal.h.
            Renumbered the error codes.
            (error_text): Use a single string with embedded nulls for the error text (I got
            this idea from newer versions of PCRE).
            (check_escape): Changed return type to be enum instead of int. Replaced ctype_digit
            uses with isASCIIDigit.
            (is_counted_repeat): Ditto.
            (read_repeat_counts): Ditto.
            (first_significant_code): Ditto.
            (find_fixedlength): Ditto.
            (could_be_empty_branch): Ditto.
            (compile_branch): Ditto. Also removed some code that handles changing options.
            JavaScript doesn't have any of the features that allow options to change.
            (compile_regex): Updated for change to options parameter.
            (is_anchored): Ditto.
            (find_firstassertedchar): Ditto.
            (jsRegExpCompile): Changed to take separate flags instead of an options int.
            Also changed to call new/delete instead of pcre_malloc/free.
            (jsRegExpFree): Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_exec.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_exec.c.
            Added a case that uses computed goto for the opcode loop, but did not turn it on.
            Changed the RMATCH macro to handle returns more efficiently by putting the where
            pointer in the new frame instead of the old one, allowing us to branch to the
            return with a single statement. Switched to new/delete from pcre_malloc/free.
            Changed many RRETURN callers to not set the return value since it's already
            set correctly. Replaced the rrc variable with an is_match variable. Values other
            than "match" and "no match" are now handled differently. This allows us to remove
            the code to check for those cases in various rules.
            (match): All the case statements use a macro BEGIN_OPCODE instead. And all the
            continue statements, or break statements that break out of the outer case use
            a macro NEXT_OPCODE instead. Replaced a few if statements with assertions.
            (jsRegExpExecute): Use new/delete instead of pcre_malloc/free. Removed unused
            start_match field from the match block.
            * pcre/pcre_internal.h: Moved the last few configuration macros from pcre-config.h
            in here. Removed various unused types. Converted from JSRegExpChar to UChar.
            Eliminated pcre_malloc/free. Replaced the opcode enum with a macro that can be
            used in multiple places. Unfortunately we lose the comments for each opcode; we
            should find a place to put those back. Removed ctype_digit.
            * pcre/pcre_maketables.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_maketables.c.
            (pcre_maketables): Got rid of the conditional code that allows this to be compiled
            in -- it's only used for dftables now (and soon may be obsolete entirely).
            Changed code for cbit_digit to not use isdigit, and took the "_" case out of the
            loop. Removed ctype_digit.
            * pcre/pcre_ord2utf8.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_ord2utf8.c.
            * pcre/pcre_tables.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_tables.c.
            Moved _pcre_OP_lengths out of here into pcre_exec.cpp.
            * pcre/pcre_ucp_searchfuncs.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_ucp_searchfuncs.c.
            Updated for other file name changes.
            * pcre/pcre_xclass.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/pcre_xclass.c.
            * pcre/ucpinternal.h: Updated header.
            * pcre/ucptable.cpp: Copied from JavaScriptCore/pcre/ucptable.c.
            * wtf/ASCIICType.h: (WTF::isASCIIDigit): Removed a branch by changing from && to
            & for this operation. Also added an overload that takes an int because that's
            useful for PCRE. Later we could optimize for int and overload other functions in
            this file; stuck to this simple one for now.
            * wtf/unicode/icu/UnicodeIcu.h: Removed unused isUpper.
            * wtf/unicode/qt4/UnicodeQt4.h: Ditto.
            * pcre/LICENCE: Removed.
            * pcre/pcre-config.h: Removed.
            * wtf/FastMallocPCRE.cpp: Removed.
            * pcre/dftables.c: Renamed to cpp.
            * pcre/pcre_compile.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_exec.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_maketables.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_ord2utf8.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_tables.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_ucp_searchfuncs.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/pcre_xclass.c: Ditto.
            * pcre/ucptable.c: Ditto.
            Reviewed by Sam.
            - updated for JSRegExp function changes
            * platform/RegularExpression.cpp:
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