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    ggaren authored
            Reviewed by John, Maciej.
            Added test for whether a frame element reports its src attribute as a
            complete, rather than relative, URL.
            * fast/frames/frame-src-attribute-expected.txt: Added.
            * fast/frames/frame-src-attribute.html: Added.
            * fast/frames/resources/frame-src-attribute-subframe.html: Added.
            Reviewed by John, Maciej.
            Integrated some frame and iframe code. I'm trying to fix up frame ownership
            and loading. Reducing the number of different code paths involved
            seemed like a good first step.
            As a side effect, I fixed a bug where FRAME elements would report their
            src attributes as relative, rather than compelete, URLs. (IFRAME elements
            had the correct complete URL behavior.)
            * html/HTMLFrameElement.cpp:
            (WebCore::HTMLFrameElement::isURLAllowed): Fixed comment typo
                (1) Removed checks that requestFrame does for us
                (2) Added isURLAllowed check, to have one clear bottleneck for it
                (3) Added viewsource check, to have one clear bottleneck for it
            (WebCore::HTMLFrameElement::close): Changed to use the common contentFrame()
            method, instead of finding our content frame in our own unique way.
            (WebCore::HTMLFrameElement::setLocation): Removed isURLAllowed check,
            since openURL does this for us now.
            (WebCore::HTMLFrameElement::src): Return complete URL instead of relative.
            This is what FF does, and it made no sense to have different behaviors
            for FRAME and IFRAME elements.
            * html/HTMLIFrameElement.cpp:
            (WebCore::HTMLIFrameElement::HTMLIFrameElement): Removed duplicate init
            * html/HTMLIFrameElement.h: Removed src() and openURL() methods, since
            HTMLFrameElement now does everything we need.
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