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    Fix Bug 21401: Comments field on "Review Patch" page should be... · e6216bea
    aroben@apple.com authored
            Fix Bug 21401: Comments field on "Review Patch" page should be initially filled with quoted patch
            Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
            * attachment.cgi:
            (edit): Retrieve the attachment data from the database instead of just
            its length. When the attachment is a patch, create a quotedpatch
            template variable that contains the patch data with each line
            prepended with "> ".
            * template/en/custom/attachment/reviewform.html.tmpl:
              - Changed the comments field to have a monospace font
              - Added an "Enter comments below:" caption above the comments field
                to make it clearer that this is where comments should go, now that
                the comments field is not initially empty
              - Fill the comments field with the quoted patch
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