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    2010-12-13 Eric Seidel <eric@webkit.org> · df3b8be7
    eric@webkit.org authored
            Reviewed by Adam Barth.
            EWS Queues should remove orpahned pyc files before starting
            A previous check added a platform.py which caused
            EWS bots on some platforms to hit an import exception.
            The platform.py file was removed in a subsequent commit, but
            the EWS bots in question stayed stuck.  This change will
            fix those bots once restarted (and prevent this in the future).
            I also went ahead and unified start-queue and start-commit-queue
            since they were nearly identical.  I also added bot_id support
            to both force all EWSes to have bot ids as well as get rid of the one
            remaining reason why I had my own copies of these scripts.
            Hopefully this will be enough to get all the other bot admins
            (ahem, Adam, ahem) to move to using these checked in copies as well.
            * EWSTools/start-commit-queue.sh: Removed.
            * EWSTools/start-queue.sh:
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