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    2010-10-18 Martin Robinson <mrobinson@igalia.com> · d28afd73
    mrobinson@webkit.org authored
            Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
            [GTK] Widgets do not support CSS transformations
            Added a platform-specific baseline for the slider transformation
            test. This baseline says "FAIL" because the test has platform-specific
            offsets hard-coded. The result is only one tick off from expected though,
            so it's likely correct for us.
            * platform/gtk/Skipped: Unskip.
            * platform/gtk/fast/forms/slider-transformed-expected.txt: Added.
    2010-10-15  Martin Robinson  <mrobinson@igalia.com>
            Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
            [GTK] Widgets do not support CSS transformations
            Instead of rendering directly onto the target drawable when rendering
            form controls on GTK+ 2.0, render onto an intermediate surface and use
            cairo to blit the result back to the target surface. This has two
            benefits. The first is that it always honors the current Cairo
            transformation. The second is that since the intermediate drawable is
            always a 32-bit GdkPixmap, we do not have to have a set of widgets
            per-colormap any longer.
            This change also begins the abstraction of widget rendering so that GTK+
            2 and GTK+ 3 can use the same code path. The WidgetRenderingContext will
            eventually hide all version differences from RenderThemeGtk, which can
            just focus on interpreting the GtkStyle properties.
            * GNUmakefile.am: Add WidgetRenderinContext source files to the sources list.
            * platform/graphics/cairo/PlatformRefPtrCairo.cpp:
            (WTF::refPlatformPtr): Add a specialization for Cairo patterns.
            (WTF::derefPlatformPtr): Ditto.
            * platform/graphics/cairo/PlatformRefPtrCairo.h: Ditto.
            * platform/gtk/RenderThemeGtk.cpp:
            (WebCore::RenderThemeGtk::RenderThemeGtk): No longer keep a set of
            widgets per-colormap for GTK+, instead just determine if we can use RGBA
            colormaps and go from there.
            (WebCore::RenderThemeGtk::~RenderThemeGtk): Ditto.
            (WebCore::RenderThemeGtk::getIndicatorMetrics): Put the logic for
            getting toggle button indicator metrics into this helper.
            (WebCore::RenderThemeGtk::paintRenderObject): Now uses
            WidgetRenderingContext to do widget rendering.
            (WebCore::setToggleSize): Use the new getIndicatorMetrics helper.
            * platform/gtk/RenderThemeGtk.h: Added a member to track whether or not
              the widgets are using a RGBA colormap. Also remove a defunct Page*
            * platform/gtk/ScrollbarThemeGtk.cpp: Switch all widget drawing
            operations to use WidgetRenderingContext.
            (WebCore::ScrollbarThemeGtk::paintTrackBackground): Ditto.
            (WebCore::ScrollbarThemeGtk::paintScrollbarBackground): Ditto.
            (WebCore::ScrollbarThemeGtk::paintThumb): Ditto.
            (WebCore::ScrollbarThemeGtk::paint): Ditto.
            (WebCore::ScrollbarThemeGtk::paintButton): Ditto.
            * platform/gtk/WidgetRenderingContext.h: Added.
            * platform/gtk/WidgetRenderingContextGtk2.cpp: Added.
            (WebCore::purgeScratchBuffer): Added, this is similar to the scratch
            buffer implementation from ContextShadow.
            (WebCore::PurgeScratchBufferTimer::fired): Ditto.
            (WebCore::scheduleScratchBufferPurge): Ditto.
            (WebCore::WidgetRenderingContext::WidgetRenderingContext): Added.
            (WebCore::WidgetRenderingContext::~WidgetRenderingContext): Added.
            (WebCore::WidgetRenderingContext::paintMozillaWidget): Added.
            * platform/gtk/WidgetRenderingContextGtk3.cpp: Added.
            (WebCore::WidgetRenderingContext::WidgetRenderingContext): Added.
            (WebCore::~WidgetRenderingContext::WidgetRenderingContext): Added.
            (WebCore::WidgetRenderingContext::paintMozillaWidget): Added.
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