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    Web Inspector: New color picker · d26f595c
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    Reviewed by Timothy Hatcher.
    Beginning of a new color picker. The focus of this new picker is to let you pick from
    a color wheel as the primary mean of color picking, with additional slider controls for
    the brightness and the opacity, better matching the default OS X color picker. This is the
    basis for a color picker that will evolve to support the following:
    - editable CSS value label (http://webkit.org/b/124356)
    - picking a color anywhere on screen (http://webkit.org/b/124357)
    - swatches based on other colors in page (http://webkit.org/b/124358)
    Note also that the color wheel has not been tested on Retina displays
    (see http://webkit.org/b/124355).
    * UserInterface/CSSColorPicker.css: Removed.
    * UserInterface/CSSColorPicker.js: Removed.
    Previous color picker, now removed in favor of the new ColorPicker class.
    * UserInterface/CSSStyleDeclarationTextEditor.js:
    Adopt new class name for the color picker, add a little padding to the popover
    target frame and set the base color after the picker has been presented.
    * UserInterface/Color.js:
    Simplified math.
    New utilities to deal with HSV colors used in the ColorWheel.
    * UserInterface/ColorPicker.css: Added.
    * UserInterface/ColorPicker.js: Added.
    (WebInspector.ColorPicker.prototype.get element):
    (WebInspector.ColorPicker.prototype.set brightness):
    (WebInspector.ColorPicker.prototype.set opacity):
    (WebInspector.ColorPicker.prototype.get color):
    (WebInspector.ColorPicker.prototype.set color):
    We set the _dontUpdateColor flag here such that we don't attempt to
    notify about a color change at this point in case the selected color
    is too saturated to be represented accurately on the color wheel and
    we would end up changing the color by virtue of presenting the popover.
    * UserInterface/ColorWheel.css: Added.
    * UserInterface/ColorWheel.js: Added.
    The ColorWheel makes use of three different <canvas> elements to draw itself.
    The "raw" canvas is used to draw the raw, un-tinted color wheel with poor
    aliasing. The "raw" canvas is only drawn when the dimension is changed.
    The "tinted" canvas is used to draw the "raw" canvas with a black overlay
    based on the brightness set on the wheel. The "final" canvas, the only <canvas>
    element attached to the DOM, is used to draw the "tinted" canvas into a circle
    clip of a slightly narrower radius so that the drawn image is visually more pleasing
    and can be displayed above virtually any background color.
    We use color math to generate the color wheel, courtesy of Dean Jackson, and also to
    figure out where to position the crosshair for the provided base color as well as
    the opposite operation where we get the color under the mouse pointer.
    The color wheel fires a single delegate method call colorWheelColorDidChange(colorWheel),
    the colors themselves being retrieved via the public properties tintedColor and rawColor.
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.set dimension):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.get element):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.get brightness):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.set brightness):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.get tintedColor):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.set tintedColor):
    (WebInspector.ColorWheel.prototype.get rawColor):
    * UserInterface/Images/SliderThumb.png: Added.
    * UserInterface/Images/SliderThumb@2x.png: Added.
    * UserInterface/Images/SliderThumbPressed.png: Added.
    * UserInterface/Images/SliderThumbPressed@2x.png: Added.
    Supporting artwork for the new Slider class.
    * UserInterface/Main.html:
    Remove the previous color picker class and add the new one, as well as the new Slider class.
    * UserInterface/Slider.css: Added.
    * UserInterface/Slider.js: Added.
    New slider to match the look of the sliders used in the native OS X color picker. The most
    interesting feature of these sliders is that they can be transformed using CSS in any way
    and will still operate correctly due to always converting the mouse coordinates in the page
    coordinate system to the coordinate system local to the backing element. For instance, the
    color picker uses two sliders transformed to be displayed vertically.
    As it stands these slides only support values between 0 and 1 and fire a single delegate
    method call sliderValueDidChange(slider, newValue).
    (WebInspector.Slider.prototype.get element):
    (WebInspector.Slider.prototype.get value):
    (WebInspector.Slider.prototype.set value):
    (WebInspector.Slider.prototype.get _maxX):
    * WebInspectorUI.vcxproj/WebInspectorUI.vcxproj:
    * WebInspectorUI.vcxproj/WebInspectorUI.vcxproj.filters:
    Update file names for the new color picker.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@159332 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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