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    WebCore: · cf22dbac authored
    2008-10-14  Maxime Britto  <>
            Reviewed by Darin Adler, tweaked and landed by Beth.
            * WebCore.base.exp: Exposes two functions to be able to create a 
            selection from a point on the screen. Also exposes the new 
            TextIterator::currentNode function.
            * WebCore/editing/TextIterator.cpp:
            (TextIterator::currentNode) : New function that returns the current 
            text node or NULL if there is no text node.
    2008-10-14  Maxime Britto  <>
            Reviewed by Darin Adler.
            * WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Added two files for the 
            WebTextIterator, and made the WebTextIterator.h private
    2008-10-14  Maxime Britto  <>
            Reviewed by Darin Adler.
            Added SPI to use WebCore's TextIterator with WebKit.
            * WebView/WebTextIterator.h: Added.
            * WebView/ Added.
            (-[WebTextIteratorPrivate dealloc]):
            (-[WebTextIterator dealloc]):
            (-[WebTextIterator initWithRange:]): Creates a TextIterator 
            (-[WebTextIterator advance]): Asks the iterator to advance() .
            (-[WebTextIterator currentNode]): Returns the current DOMNode from 
            the iterator
            (-[WebTextIterator currentText]): Returns the current text from the 
            (-[WebTextIterator atEnd]): Indicated whether the iterator has 
            reached the end of the range.
            * WebView/WebView.h:
            * WebView/
            (-[WebView textIteratorForRect:]): Returns a WebTextIterator with 
            the DOMRange contained in the rectangle given as a parameter.
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