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    [BlackBerry] Scrolling up and down can cause the screen to flash black · cd289bab
    anilsson@rim.com authored
    Reviewed by Rob Buis.
    PR 296106
    The LayerRenderer should never clear before drawing the layers, from
    now on that's the responsibility of the caller.
    Only manually testable.
    * platform/graphics/blackberry/LayerRenderer.cpp:
    * platform/graphics/blackberry/LayerRendererClient.h:
    Various flaws in the code could conspire to make the screen cleared to
    black before rendering the web page. This only happened when the
    BackingStore was inactive, and the LayerTiler takes on the job of
    drawing the root layer. When tiles are missing, this made the
    "checkerboard" effect especially noticeable since black color was seen
    where the tile should have been. It would be better to clear to the web
    page background color.
    This was actually the intent of the code, but when the document
    background color was invalid, we would still use it instead of the
    background color from settings. Also, the LayerRenderer would clear to
    black when WebPageCompositorPrivate::drawsRootLayer() was true.
    Fixed by falling back to the settings background color when the
    document background color is invalid, and removing the clearing code
    from the LayerRenderer entirely. The appropriate clear already happens
    near the beginning of BackingStorePrivate::blitVisibleContents().
    Also slightly cleaned up the code for managing the background color.
    * Api/WebPage.cpp:
    * Api/WebPageCompositor.cpp:
    * Api/WebPageCompositor_p.h:
    * Api/WebPage_p.h:
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