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    2010-10-22 Cosmin Truta <ctruta@chromium.org> · ca990606
    krit@webkit.org authored
            Reviewed by Nikolas Zimmermann.
            getBoundingClientRect does not work with SVG <text>
            Dispatched the calls from Element::getBoundingClientRect to getBBox
            through SVGElement::boundingBox.
            Recognized SVGTextElement in addition to SVGStyledLocatableElement
            as a class that provides getBBox.
            Fixed the result of zooming: adjusted the getBoundingClientRect rectangle
            for absolute zoom, even for SVG elements.
            Additional cleanup task:
            Removed redundant overloads of SVGStyledTransformableElement
            methods: nearestViewportElement, farthestViewportElement, getBBox.
            These methods are already inherited from SVGStyledLocatableElement.
            Test: css3/zoom-coords.xhtml
            * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Set role of SVGLocatable.h to private.
            * dom/Element.cpp:
            (Element::getBoundingClientRect): Used...