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    http/tests/eventsource/workers/eventsource-simple.html is a flaky crash because of · c4a2a8cb
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    Reviewed by Nate Chapin.
    The problem here was that canceling EventSource during frame removal erroneously resulted
    in event dispatch, and event handler re-entered frame destruction code.
    * page/EventSource.h: Renamed endRequest() to networkRequestEnded(), because this method
    doesn't end request. It implements "reestablish the connection" or "fail the connection"
    algotithms from the spec, depending on current state.
    Removed m_failSilently, since we can make this decision with existing data, and want to
    fail silently by default (e.g. when detaching a frame cancels all loads).
    * page/EventSource.cpp:
    (WebCore::EventSource::EventSource): Don't initialize m_failSilently.
    (WebCore::EventSource::~EventSource): Assert taht we are in a correct state.
    (WebCore::EventSource::connect): Ditto.
    (WebCore::EventSource::networkRequestEnded): Moved errorevent dispatch elsewhere.
    (WebCore::EventSource::scheduleReconnect): Error event should always be queued when
    reconnecting; firing it synchronously after starting m_reconnectTimer implements that.
    (WebCore::EventSource::reconnectTimerFired): Assert that state is correct (the timer is
    stopped if EventSource is stopped while waiting on the timer).
    (WebCore::EventSource::close): Don't set m_state before calling cancel() - it will indirectly
    call didFail(), which asserts that EventSource is not stopped yet.
    (WebCore::EventSource::didReceiveResponse): Explicitly dispatch an error event, since it
    is no longer dispatched when canceling, and canceling is the only way to stop a ThreadableLoader.
    Removed a special case for 2xx responses, since it's no longer in the spec.
    (WebCore::EventSource::didReceiveData): Assert that state is correct.
    (WebCore::EventSource::didFinishLoading): Don't set state to CONNECTING after parsing remaining
    response bytes - that may well result in dispatching an event whose handler calls close().
    (WebCore::EventSource::didFail): It's simple now - we always reconnect unless the request
    got canceled.
    (WebCore::EventSource::didFailRedirectCheck): Dispatch error event explicitly, as we are
    not going to attempt reconnecting.
    * http/tests/eventsource/eventsource-status-code-states-expected.txt:
    * http/tests/eventsource/eventsource-status-code-states.html:
    2xx responses are no longer different from any other failures.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@94242 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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