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    Web Inspector: Go to line keyboard command and dialog · c0736bac
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    Reviewed by Timothy Hatcher.
    Add a text input over source code text editors, centered within the width of the editor
    and towards the top of the editor, upon pressing Command+L or Control+G to match the
    behavior in Chrome.
    * Localizations/en.lproj/localizedStrings.js:
    New localized string "Line Number".
    * UserInterface/GoToLineDialog.css: Added.
    Styling for the go-to-line dialog.
    * UserInterface/GoToLineDialog.js: Added.
    Generate the DOM structure for the dialog.
    Present the dialog as a child of a parent element. The dialog's text field automatically
    gets focus and resets to be empty.
    Dismiss the dialog if visible, this triggers the goToLineDialogWasDismissed delegate method.
    Route the various events registered in the dialog's DOM tree: input, keydown, blur, mousedown
    and click.
    Update the "non-empty" class on the dialog's element depending on the content of the dialog's
    text field. If there is content in the text field, this will make the clear icon visible.
    If the Esc. key is pressed when there is text in the dialog's input field, clear the input field.
    If no text is in the input field, dismiss the input field. When the Enter key is pressed, we call
    the isGoToLineDialogValueValid() method on the delegate to figure out if the text field value is
    valid. If it's not, we select the text field value so that it may be easily replaced and play
    en error sound. If it's valid, we call the goToLineDialogValueWasValidated() delegate method
    and dismiss the dialog.
    Dismiss the dialog when its text field loses focus. This ensures that clicking anywhere outside
    of the dialog removes it from display.
    Upon pressing the mouse down on the clear icon, select the entire text field content (matches
    the behavior of Xcode) and prevent the default event action that would blur the text field
    which would dismiss the dialog.
    Clear the content of the dialog's text field upon clicking on its clear button.
    Reset the dialog's text field's value to an empty string and remove the "non-empty" CSS class name
    controlling the display of the clear button.
    * UserInterface/Images/CloseWhite.svg: Added.
    Variation of the Close.svg icon with a white cross.
    * UserInterface/Main.html:
    Link to the newly added resources for GoToLineDialog.
    * UserInterface/SourceCodeTextEditor.js:
    Register the Command+L and Control+G keyboard shortcuts to bring up the go-to-line dialog.
    Method called upon pressing the Command+L and Control+G keyboard shorcuts creating an instance
    of a GoToDialog if necessary, becoming its delegate and presenting it in the context of the
    editor's root element.
    Delegate method called to validate the line number presently set in the go-to-dialog's text field,
    checking it's a number between 1 and the number of lines in the source code.
    Delegate method called when the line number set in the go-to-dialog's text field has been validated.
    We reveal and select the line at the number provided.
    Ensure the source code editor regains focus upon dismissing the go-to-dialog.
    * UserInterface/TextEditor.js:
    Add a new opt-in option to not highlight the revealed position. The code in goToLineDialogValueWasValidated()
    sets that new flag to true to avoid an unnecessary highlight on top of the selection.
    (WebInspector.TextEditor.prototype.get lineCount):
    Expose the lineCount() method on the private CodeMirror instance.
    Expose the focus() method on the private CodeMirror instance.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@157601 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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