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    [CSS Regions] Add performance tests · bfe3d62b
    abucur@adobe.com authored
    Reviewed by Antti Koivisto.
    Add simple performance tests for regions, without nested named flows: a region chain and a flow article.
    The regions.js script is used to generate the tests and can set the following parameters: the number of regions,
    the number of paragraphs, the regions width, height, max-height and the propability of a forced break after a paragraph.
    The tests are skipped for now. They should be enabled once the regions performance is stable enough to create a baseline.
    * Layout/RegionsAuto.html: Added. A few regions with a short article. The regions have auto-height and some
    paragraphs (80%) have forced breaks after. Stress test for the auto-height algorithm.
    * Layout/RegionsAutoMaxHeight.html: Added. A lot of regions with auto-height and max-height. Tests the impact of
    max-height on the auto-height algorithm.
    * Layout/RegionsFixed.html: Added. A lot of regions with a long article. Some paragraphs (50%) have forced breaks after.
    Stress test for the regions layout algorithm.
    * Layout/RegionsFixedShort.html: Added. A lot of short regions with a long content. Tests the impact of unforced breaks
    on the layout speed.
    * Layout/resources/regions.css: Added.
    * Layout/resources/regions.js: Added.
    * Skipped:
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