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    2011-07-07 Dirk Schulze <krit@webkit.org> · a44e2e7f
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            SVGAnimateTransform does not support calcMode=discrete
            Reviewed by Rob Buis.
            CalcMode discrete specifies that the animation function will jump from one value to the next without any interpolation.
            Implemented calcMode discrete by checking current progress of animation. If we are in the first half of the animation,
            we use the start value of the aniamtion, end value for the second half of the animation. The key time at 50% is used on
            all other animations as well as on other SVG viewers.
            Added a manual test. DRT crashes on an automated test with the SVG animation API. Opened a new bug report: 64104.
            * manual-tests/svg-animateTransform-calcMode-discrete.svg: Added.
            * svg/SVGAnimateTransformElement.cpp:
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