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    Reviewed by Darin, tweaked slightly and landed by Maciej. · 965a62f1
    mjs authored
            fast/frames tests failing (bad pointer to owner element) under MallocScribble
            * html/HTMLFrameElement.cpp:
            Disconnect the owner element of our frame.
            * html/HTMLIFrameElement.cpp:
            Don't call setFrame here.
            * html/HTMLPlugInElement.cpp:
            Disconnect the owner element of our frame.
            * html/HTMLPlugInElement.h:
            New function.
            * page/Frame.cpp:
            Don't call setFrame.
            Null out the owner element.
            When an object creates a child frame, assign it a name so it can be
            accessed from HTMLPlugInElement.
            * rendering/RenderPart.cpp:
            * rendering/RenderPart.h:
            Get rid of setFrame.
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