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    PerformanceTests: Dromaeo should report individual test result · 96514be3
    rniwa@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
    Made one small modification to Droameo's webrunner.js so that it reports individual runs/s values
    for each subtest. This allows us to compute the aggregated run/s for each iteration like other
    performance tests.
    Also stop measuring memory usage in Dromaeo tests because some Dromaeo tests (e.g. jslib-modify-jquery)
    have unrealistic memory usage, and measuring them at the time of teardown doesn't make much sense.
    * Animation/balls.html: Fixed typo: measureValueAync.
    * Dromaeo/resources/dromaeo/web/webrunner.js:
    * Dromaeo/resources/dromaeorunner.js:
    (DRT.setup): Call prepareToMeasureValuesAsync so that DRT.teardown can use meausreValueAsync, and log
    "Running 5 times". Since the log container will be inserted before iframe, we need to explicitly insert
    the iframe as the first child of the body element to avoid logs from affecting the iframe's position.
    Also specify the number of iterations by calling PerfTestRunner.iterationCount() so that we may adjust
    the number of iterations in PerfTestRunner.
    (DRT.progress): Log individual measurement for each subtest.
    (DRT.teardown): Compute the aggregated result for each iteration, and log them using measureValueAsync.
    * resources/runner.js:
    (PerfTestRunner.logStatistics): Merged printStatistics since it's no longer needed after r131638.
    (PerfTestRunner): Removed getAndPrintMemoryStatistics since it was used only in Dromaeo tests but
    we no longer measure memory usage in Dromaeo tests.
    (start): Increment completedRuns from -1 to 0 for Dromaeo tests where we don't want to ignore the initial
    measurement. Note that ignoreWarmUpAndLog ignores the measurements for which completedRuns is negative.
    (ignoreWarmUpAndLog): We don't measure memory usage in Dromaeo tests. See above.
    (PerfTestRunner.iterationCount): Added. This abstraction allows us to auto-adjust the number of iterations from
    run-perf-tests in near future.
    (PerfTestRunner.measureValueAsync): Renamed from measureValueAync.
    Tools: Dromaeo should report individual test result
    Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
    Ignore subtest results spit out by Dromaeo tests.
    * Scripts/webkitpy/performance_tests/perftest.py:
    (PerfTest): Added a line to ignore.
    * Scripts/webkitpy/performance_tests/perftest_unittest.py:
    (MainTest.test_parse_output_with_subtests): Added.
    LayoutTests: Fix a test and re-enable fast/harness/perftests on Chromium.
    * fast/harness/perftests/runs-per-second-log.html:
    * platform/chromium/TestExpectations:
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