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    Change cursor to hand over missing plug-in message · 95130fcc
    darin@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Sam Weinig.
    No tests because we currently don't have any test machinery for cursors.
    * page/EventHandler.cpp:
    (WebCore::OptionalCursor::OptionalCursor): Added. Construct an object
    to represent either a cursor, or no cursor change.
    (WebCore::OptionalCursor::isCursorChange): Added.
    (WebCore::OptionalCursor::cursor): Added.
    (WebCore::EventHandler::selectCursor): Changed return type to OptionalCursor,
    moved some special cases from handleMouseMoveEvent in here. Moved the logic
    for plug-ins and framesets into the specific renderer classes for those.
    Added a call to the new getCursor virtual function.
    (WebCore::EventHandler::handleMouseMoveEvent): Changed cursor setting code to
    just be a call to selectCursor and then setCursor. Plug-in-specific code is now
    in RenderWidget.
    * page/EventHandler.h: Changed return type of selectCursor.
    * page/MouseEventWithHitTestResults.cpp: Made some functions be inline.
    * page/MouseEventWithHitTestResults.h:
    (WebCore::MouseEventWithHitTestResults::localPoint): Made this inline.
    (WebCore::MouseEventWithHitTestResults::scrollbar): Made this inline.
    Yes, this has nothing to do with the rest of the patch, but it's good.
    * rendering/RenderEmbeddedObject.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderEmbeddedObject::getReplacementTextGeometry): Made const.
    (WebCore::RenderEmbeddedObject::isInMissingPluginIndicator): Made const.
    Overloaded so it can be called with a point rather than an event.
    (WebCore::shouldMissingPluginMessageBeButton): Added. Helps streamline
    the logic below.
    Changed to use shouldMissingPluginMessageBeButton.
    (WebCore::RenderEmbeddedObject::getCursor): Added. Sets the cursor to
    a hand when over the missing plug-in message.
    * rendering/RenderEmbeddedObject.h: Added getCursor override. Also updated
    for other changes above.
    * rendering/RenderFrameSet.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderFrameSet::getCursor): Added. Contains the logic that used
    to be hardcoded in EventHandler::selectCursor about cursors when over
    resizable frame borders.
    * rendering/RenderFrameSet.h: Added getCursor.
    * rendering/RenderObject.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderObject::getCursor): Added. Returns SetCursorBasedOnStyle.
    * rendering/RenderObject.h: Added getCursor.
    * rendering/RenderWidget.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderWidget::getCursor): Added. Contains the logic that used
    to be hardcoded in EventHandler::handleMouseMoveEvent to prevent setting
    the cursor when the pointer is over a plug-in. This new code is much better,
    because it only kicks in when there is actually a plug-in present. The old
    was based on the HTML tag!
    * rendering/RenderWidget.h: Added getCursor.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@96566 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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