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    Change calls to Chrome::addMessageToConsole to use Console::addMessage · 92cfa90a
    aroben@apple.com authored
            Part of Bug 17228: console.{log,warn,info,error} should support format
            strings, variable arguments
            Console now takes care of calling ChromeClient::addMessageToConsole
            for the appropriate messages (i.e., just messages from JavaScript). If
            you ever want to add a message to the console, Console is the place to
            do it.
            Reviewed by Darin Adler.
            * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Mark Console.h Private.
            * page/Chrome.cpp: Removed addMessageToConsole
            * page/Chrome.h: Moved MessageSource/MessageLevel to Console.h.
            * page/Console.cpp:
            (WebCore::Console::addMessage): Added. Calls
            ChromeClient::addMessageToConsole for JS messages, and calls
            InspectorController::addMessageToConsole for all messages.
            (WebCore::Console::error): Changed to call directly to
            InspectorController in addition to ChromeClient.
            (WebCore::Console::info): Ditto.
            (WebCore::Console::log): Ditto.
            (WebCore::Console::warn): Ditto.
            * page/Console.h: Added MessageSource/MessageLevel enums from Chrome.h.
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