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    - fixed 3079214 -- text/plain page shows up slowly, a few pages at a time · 922ba374
    darin authored
            * WebView.subproj/WebTextView.m:
            (-[WebTextView initWithFrame:]): Remove unneeded setWidthTracksTextView:, because
    	that's the default.
            (-[WebTextView dataSourceUpdated:]): Replace the thing each time in the RTF case.
            (-[WebTextView viewDidMoveToSuperview]): Here's where we resize, but only the width.
    	Resizing the height was causing the bug.
            (-[WebTextView layout]): Do nothing.
            (-[WebTextView setAcceptsDrags:]): Update to new name. Since we weren't
    	importing WebDocument.h, we never noticed that this file got out of sync.
            (-[WebTextView acceptsDrags]): Ditto.
            (-[WebTextView setAcceptsDrops:]): Ditto.
            (-[WebTextView acceptsDrops]): Ditto.
            * WebView.subproj/WebDocument.h: Fix typo. It said setAcceptsDrags: twice.
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