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    	- follow-on to my fix for 3134693 that fixes one more case of recursion and simplifies further
            * kjs/grammar.y: Remove SourceElementNode and just use a StatementNode instead.
    	Reverse SourceElements rule so the recursive rule comes first as in the original
    	KJS code (avoids actual parser recursion).
            * kjs/grammar.cpp: Regenerated.
            * kjs/grammar.cpp.h: Regenerated.
            * kjs/grammar.h: Regenerated.
            * kjs/nodes.h: Make processFuncDecl a virtual function in StatementNode so that we can
    	use a StatementNode instead of a SourceElementNode. Add a call to reverseList in BlockNode
    	to correct the order of the linked list in SourceElementsNode, to replace the technique
    	where we reversed it in the parser. Remove SourceElementNode class, and make the element in
    	SourceElementsNode be a StatementNode instead.
            * kjs/nodes.cpp: Remove SourceElementNode code.
            (StatementNode::processFuncDecl): Added empty function.
            (BlockNode::reverseList): Added. Used to make the SourceElements list ordered correctly.
            * kjs/nodes2string.cpp: Remove SourceElementNode code.
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