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    Some perf. tests have variances that differ greatly between runs · 855a7724
    rniwa@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Benjamin Poulain.
    In order to control the number of iterations and processes to use from run-perf-tests, always use 20
    iterations on all tests except Dromaeo, where even doing 5 iterations is prohibitively slow, by default.
    Without this change, it'll become extremely hard for us to tweak the number of iterations and processes
    to use from run-perf-tests.
    * Animation/balls.html:
    * DOM/DOMTable.html:
    * DOM/resources/dom-perf.js:
    * Dromaeo/resources/dromaeorunner.js:
    * Layout/floats_100_100.html:
    * Layout/floats_100_100_nested.html:
    * Layout/floats_20_100.html:
    * Layout/floats_20_100_nested.html:
    * Layout/floats_2_100.html:
    * Layout/floats_2_100_nested.html:
    * Layout/floats_50_100.html:
    * Layout/floats_50_100_nested.html:
    * Layout/subtree-detaching.html:
    * Parser/html5-full-render.html:
    * SVG/SvgHitTesting.html:
    * resources/runner.js:
    * resources/results-template.html:
    Use multiple instances of DumpRenderTree or WebKitTestRunner to amortize the effect of the runtime
    environment on test results (we run each instance after one another, not in parallel).
    We use 4 instances of the test runner, each executing 5 in-process iterations, for the total of 20
    iterations as it was done previously in single process. These values are hard-coded in perftest.py
    and runner.js but they are to be configurable in the future.
    Set of 5 iterations obtained by the same test runner is treated as an "iteration group" and each
    metric now reports an array of the length 4 with each element containing an array of 5 iteration
    values obtained by each test runner instance as opposed to a flattened array of 20 iteration values.
    Unfortunately, we can use the same trick on Dromaeo because we're already doing only 5 iterations
    and repeating the entire Dromaeo 4 times will take too long. We need to disable more Dromaeo tests
    as needed. To this end, added SingleProcessPerfTest to preserve the old behavior.
    * Scripts/webkitpy/performance_tests/perftest.py:
    (PerfTestMetric.append_group): Renamed from append.
    (PerfTestMetric.grouped_iteration_values): Added.
    (PerfTestMetric.flattened_iteration_values): Renamed from iteration_values.
    (PerfTest.__init__): Takes the number of processes (drivers) to run tests with.
    This parameter is only used by SingleProcessPerfTest.
    (PerfTest.run): Repeat tests using different driver processes.
    (PerfTest._run_with_driver): Returns a boolean instead of a list of measured metrics
    since metrics are shared between multiple drivers (i.e. multiple calls to _run_with_driver).
    We instead use _ensure_metrics to obtain the matched metrics and store the data there.
    (PerfTest._ensure_metrics): Added.
    (SingleProcessPerfTest): Added. Used to run Dromaeo tests where running it on 4 different
    instances of DumpRenderTree/WebKitTestRunner takes too long.
    (ReplayPerfTest._run_with_driver): Updated to use _ensure_metrics.
    (PerfTestFactory): Use SingleProcessPerfTest to run Dromaeo tests.
    * Scripts/webkitpy/performance_tests/perftest_unittest.py: Updated various tests that expect
    _run_with_driver to return a list of metrics. Now it returns a boolean indicating whether
    the test succeeded or not. Obtain the dictionary of metrics via test._metrics instead.
    (TestPerfTestMetric.test_append): Updated per name and added some test cases for
    (TestSingleProcessPerfTest): Added.
    * Scripts/webkitpy/performance_tests/perftestsrunner_integrationtest.py: Updated values of
    sample standard deviations since we're now running tests 4 times.
    Use dromaeoIterationCount now that we no longer support iterationCount.
    * fast/harness/perftests/runs-per-second-iterations.html:
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