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    2011-01-19 Chris Marrin <cmarrin@apple.com> · 80bbda7b
    andersca@apple.com authored
            Reviewed by Simon Fraser.
            WK2 - Multiple crashes in PlatformCALayer::replaceSublayer
            Added a hostingLayer as the parent of the existing drawingLayer.
            The hostingLayer is now the root which is passed to the 
            remote context. It never changes except to track the size
            of the window. The backingLayer is now a child of the 
            hostingLayer, which allow it to switch between tiled and
            I also now give back accurate settings for debug borders and
            repaint counters.
            * WebProcess/WebPage/LayerBackedDrawingArea.cpp:
            * WebProcess/WebPage/LayerBackedDrawingArea.h:
            * WebProce...