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    2009-12-02 Eric Seidel <eric@webkit.org> · 804478e1
    eric@webkit.org authored
            Reviewed by Adam Barth.
            trim commands/*.py includes now that commands are unit tested
            In the course of ensuring that the unit tests still
            passed after this change, I had to actually make them
            pass in the first place.
            * Scripts/modules/bugzilla.py:
             - Fix _parse_attachment_ids_request_query to return ints instead of strings.
            * Scripts/modules/commands/download.py: Remove unneeded imports.
            * Scripts/modules/commands/queries.py: Ditto.
            * Scripts/modules/commands/queues.py: Ditto.
            * Scripts/modules/commands/upload.py: Ditto.
            * Scripts/modules/scm_unittest.py:
             - Fix to expect the \n after the path since echo adds an \n.
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