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    The DFG should not attempt to guess types in the absence of value · 7e3ecae4
    fpizlo@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.
    This adds the ForceOSRExit node, which is ignored by the propagator
    and virtual register allocator (and hence ensuring that liveness analysis
    works correctly), but forces terminateSpeculativeExecution() in the
    back-end. This appears to be a slight speed-up on benchmark averages,
    with ~5% swings on individual benchmarks, in both directions. But it's
    never a regression on any average, and appears to be a ~1% progression
    in the SunSpider average.
    This also adds a bit better debugging support in the old JIT and in DFG,
    as this was necessary to debug the much more frequent OSR transitions
    that occur with this change.
    * dfg/DFGByteCodeParser.cpp:
    * dfg/DFGJITCompiler.cpp:
    * dfg/DFGNode.h:
    * dfg/DFGPropagator.cpp:
    * dfg/DFGSpeculativeJIT.cpp:
    * jit/JIT.cpp:
    * jit/JIT.h:
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