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    Tighten up EventQueue classes a bit, less indirection and memory allocation · 7ba1e57c
    darin@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Andreas Kling.
    * Modules/encryptedmedia/MediaKeySession.cpp:
    (WebCore::MediaKeySession::MediaKeySession): Updated since event queue is now
    a member rather than an OwnPtr.
    (WebCore::MediaKeySession::close): Ditto.
    (WebCore::MediaKeySession::keyRequestTimerFired): Ditto.
    (WebCore::MediaKeySession::addKeyTimerFired): Ditto.
    * Modules/encryptedmedia/MediaKeySession.h: Ditto.
    * Modules/indexeddb/IDBDatabase.cpp:
    (WebCore::IDBDatabase::closeConnection): Updated since ScriptExecutionContext's
    eventQueue function now returns a reference rather than a pointer. Also, the
    cancelEvent function takes a reference instead of a pointer.
    (WebCore::IDBDatabase::enqueueEvent): Ditto.
    * Modules/indexeddb/IDBRequest.cpp:
    (WebCore::IDBRequest::abort): Ditto.
    (WebCore::IDBRequest::enqueueEvent): Ditto.
    * Modules/indexeddb/IDBTransaction.cpp:
    (WebCore::IDBTransaction::enqueueEvent): Ditto.
    * Modules/mediasource/MediaSource.cpp:
    (WebCore::MediaSource::MediaSource): Updated since event queue is now a
    member rather than an OwnPtr. Also use initialization instead of assignment
    to set up source buffers.
    (WebCore::MediaSource::hasPendingActivity): Ditto.
    (WebCore::MediaSource::stop): Ditto.
    (WebCore::MediaSource::scheduleEvent): Ditto.
    * Modules/mediasource/MediaSource.h: Ditto.
    * Modules/mediasource/SourceBufferList.cpp:
    (WebCore::SourceBufferList::SourceBufferList): Take references instead of
    (WebCore::SourceBufferList::length): Changed type to unsigned instead of
    unsigned long. This is an IDL "unsigned long", which corresponds to "unsigned"
    in our C++ DOM implementation.
    (WebCore::SourceBufferList::createAndFireEvent): Updated since event queue is
    now a reference.
    (WebCore::SourceBufferList::scriptExecutionContext): Updated since script
    execution context is now a reference.
    * Modules/mediasource/SourceBufferList.h: Ditto.
    * dom/Document.cpp:
    (WebCore::Document::Document): Updated since event queue is now a member rather
    than a RefPtr.
    (WebCore::Document::detach): Ditto.
    (WebCore::Document::enqueueWindowEvent): Ditto.
    (WebCore::Document::enqueueDocumentEvent): Ditto.
    * dom/Document.h: Ditto.
    * dom/DocumentEventQueue.cpp: Renamed DocumentEventQueueTimer to just Timer and
    made it a class member of DocumentEventQueue. Also changed it to use references
    instead of pointers and removed unneeded ScriptExecutionContext argument.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::DocumentEventQueue): Updated to take a document
    reference instead of a script execution context pointer.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::enqueueEvent): Wrote the assertions in a clearer
    style and do the assertions even when the queue is closed.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::enqueueOrDispatchScrollEvent): Removed the unneeded
    ScrollEventTargetType argument, since the policy is specific to the document node.
    Made the argument a reference instead of a PassRefPtr, and rewrote the function
    to be more straightforward and readable.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::cancelEvent): Use the return value recently added to
    the remove function to avoid the need for use of iterators and a find/remove pair.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::pendingEventTimerFired): Rewrote this to use the
    recently added ListHashSet takeFirst function. Also protect the document instead
    of protecting just this object during the dispatch. Can't really protect the
    event queue since it's no longer separately reference counted.
    (WebCore::DocumentEventQueue::dispatchEvent): Changed this to take a reference and
    added a FIXME about some curious code in here that needs a "why" comment.
    * dom/DocumentEventQueue.h: Removed many unneeded includes, some unneeded forward
    declarations, marked the class final, made it no longer derive from RefCounted,
    removed ScrollEventTargetType and create, and did the other changes mentioned above.
    * dom/EventQueue.h: Got rid of many uneeded includes, changed the argument type
    of cancelEvent to Event& and rewrote the comment for close.
    * dom/GenericEventQueue.cpp:
    (WebCore::GenericEventQueue::GenericEventQueue): Updated to take a reference.
    (WebCore::GenericEventQueue::enqueueEvent): Ditto.
    (WebCore::GenericEventQueue::timerFired): Ditto.
    * dom/GenericEventQueue.h: Changed this class to no longer derive from EventQueue
    since there was no value coming from that polymorphism. Removed all the virtual
    keywords from the class. Switched from pointers to references. Removed the unused
    cancelEvent function. Removed the create function since this is always used as a
    data member, not a pointer on the heap.
    * dom/ScriptExecutionContext.h: Changed the return type of eventQueue to a reference.
    * html/HTMLMediaElement.cpp:
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::HTMLMediaElement): Updated since event queue is now a
    member rather than an OwnPtr.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::~HTMLMediaElement): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::scheduleEvent): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::updateActiveTextTrackCues): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::cancelPendingEventsAndCallbacks): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::mediaPlayerKeyAdded): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::mediaPlayerKeyError): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::mediaPlayerKeyMessage): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::mediaPlayerKeyNeeded): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::stop): Ditto.
    (WebCore::HTMLMediaElement::hasPendingActivity): Ditto.
    * html/HTMLMediaElement.h: Ditto.
    * page/EventHandler.cpp:
    (WebCore::EventHandler::sendScrollEvent): Updated to remove the now-uneeded
    ScrollEventTargetType argument, and also to use references instead of pointers.
    * rendering/RenderLayer.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderLayer::scrollTo): Ditto.
    * rendering/RenderListBox.cpp:
    (WebCore::RenderListBox::scrollTo): Ditto.
    * workers/WorkerEventQueue.cpp:
    (WebCore::WorkerEventQueue::WorkerEventQueue): Updated to work with references
    instead of pointers.
    (WebCore::WorkerEventQueue::enqueueEvent): Ditto.
    (WebCore::WorkerEventQueue::cancelEvent): Use the take function instead of a
    get/remove pair, to eliminate double hashing.
    * workers/WorkerEventQueue.h: Removed unneeded includes, forward declarations,
    the create function, and the private removeEvent function. Marked class final.
    * workers/WorkerGlobalScope.cpp:
    (WebCore::WorkerGlobalScope::WorkerGlobalScope): Updated since eventQueue is
    now a data member.
    (WebCore::WorkerGlobalScope::eventQueue): Ditto.
    * workers/WorkerGlobalScope.h: Made m_eventQueue a queue instead of a pointer
    to a queue. Also made the eventQueue function private and final.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@155356 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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