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            - fix alignment problem with NaN and Inf globals
            * kjs/fpconst.cpp: Move the contents of this file from here back to
            value.cpp. The reason this was in a separate file is that the DARWIN
            version of this used a declaration of the globals with a different
            type to avoid creating "init routines". That's no longer necessary for
            DARWIN and was never necessary for the non-DARWIN code path.
            To make this patch easy to merge, I didn't actually delete this file
            yet. We'll do that in a separate changeset.
            * kjs/value.cpp: If C99's NAN and INFINITY are present, then use them,
            othrewise use the union trick from fpconst.cpp. I think it would be
            better to eliminate KJS::NaN and KJS::Inf and just use NAN and INFINITY
            directly or std::numeric_limits<double>::quiet_nan() and
            std::numeric_limits<double>::infinity(). But when I tried that, it
            slowed down SunSpider. Someone else could do that cleanup if they
            could do it without slowing down the engine.
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