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    - prepare to reimplement KJS::List; move to its own file, add statistics · 6afbb079
    darin authored
            * kjs/function_object.cpp: (FunctionProtoFuncImp::call): Use new copyTail()
    	function rather than copy() and removeFirst().
            * kjs/identifier.cpp: Add statistics, off by default.
            * kjs/property_map.cpp: Add statistics, off by default.
            * kjs/list.cpp: Added. Moved code here. To be rewritten.
            * kjs/list.h: Added. Moved interface here. To be rewritten.
            * kjs/types.cpp: Removed.
            * kjs/types.h: Now just an empty header that includes other headers.
            * JavaScriptCore.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Add new files, rearrange.
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