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            - first step of fix for <rdar://problem/3612121> setting focus, by tabbing, searching, or with JavaScript does not scroll overflow:auto/scroll/overlay to reveal focused element (3480)
            This change moves the scrolling code for revealing elements to the RenderLayer, instead of being specific to the view.
            * khtml/rendering/render_layer.h: Added scrollRectToVisible. Added getRectToExpose.
            Added ScrollAlignment enum so callers can be more specific about exactly where they want to scroll.
            (khtml::RenderLayer::scrollToPoint): Added inline function to scroll to a point.
            * khtml/rendering/render_layer.cpp:
            (khtml::RenderLayer::scrollRectToVisible):  Replaces recursive view scrolling functions.
            (khtml::RenderLayer::getRectToExpose):  Calculates the rectangle to expose based on the alignment parameters.
            * khtml/khtml_part.cpp:
            (KHTMLPart::gotoAnchor): Changed use of setContentsPosRecursive to scrollToPoint.
            (KHTMLPart::setActiveNode): Changed use of ensureVisible to scrollRectToVisible.
            * khtml/khtmlview.cpp:
            (KHTMLView::doAutoScroll): Changed use of ensureVisible to scrollRectToVisible.
            (KHTMLView::focusNextPrevNode): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm:
            (KWQKHTMLPart::jumpToSelection): Changed use of _KWQ_scrollRectToVisible to scrollRectToVisible.
            (KWQKHTMLPart::nextKeyViewInFrame): Changed use of ensureRectVisibleCentered to scrollRectToVisible.
            (KWQKHTMLPart::centerSelectionInVisibleArea): ditto.
            * khtml/xml/dom_elementimpl.cpp: (ElementImpl::scrollIntoView): Changed use of setContentsPos and ensureVisible to scrollRectToVisible.
            * kwq/WebCoreBridge.mm: (-[WebCoreBridge ensureSelectionVisible]): Changed use of ensureRectVisibleCentered to scrollRectToVisible.
            * kwq/KWQComboBox.mm: (-[KWQPopUpButton becomeFirstResponder]): Changing use of _KWQ_scrollFrameToVisible to scrollRectToVisible.
            * kwq/KWQFileButton.mm: (KWQFileButton::focusChanged): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQListBox.mm: (-[KWQTableView becomeFirstResponder]): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQSlider.mm: (-[KWQSlider becomeFirstResponder]): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQTextArea.mm: (-[KWQTextAreaTextView becomeFirstResponder]): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQTextField.mm: (-[KWQTextFieldController setHasFocus:]): ditto.
            * kwq/KWQScrollView.h: Removed ensureVisible, and ensureRectVisibleCentered.  Added ensureRectVisible which just calls across to AppKit to scroll the NSView.
            * kwq/KWQScrollView.mm: (QScrollView::ensureRectVisible): ditto.
            * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Removed KWQNSViewExtras since it is no longer needed.
            * kwq/KWQNSViewExtras.h: Removed.
            * kwq/KWQNSViewExtras.m: Removed.
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