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    [GTK] Rework IME handling to fix bugs and prepare for WebKit2 · 611bde93
    mrobinson@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha Silva.
    No new tests. This change is already covered by a suite of keyboard
    handling unit tests in WebKitGTK+. There are some changes in behavior,
    but they are difficult to test without mocking out an entire GtkIMContext.
    Add a struct, CompositionResults, which is used by PlatformKeyboardEvent
    to package composition information with a keyboard event. Also add some logic
    to PlatformKeyboardEvent to give the right information when it has composition
    * GNUmakefile.list.am: Added new sources to the list.
    * platform/PlatformKeyboardEvent.h:  Added a new CompositionResults member,
    getter, and argument to the constructor.
    * platform/gtk/CompositionResults.h: Added.
    * platform/gtk/GtkInputMethodFilter.cpp: Added.
    * platform/gtk/GtkInputMethodFilter.h: Added.
    * platform/gtk/PlatformKeyboardEventGtk.cpp:
    (WebCore::PlatformKeyboardEvent::windowsKeyCodeForGdkKeyCode): When
    the key value is void return the VK_PROCESS keycode, which is the keycode
    that web content expects with keystrokes that trigger composition events.
    (WebCore::eventTypeForGdkKeyEvent): Abstract out this helper.
    (WebCore::modifiersForGdkKeyEvent): Abstract out this helper.
    (WebCore::PlatformKeyboardEvent::PlatformKeyboardEvent): When a PlatformKeyEvent
    has composition results, use VK_PROCESS as the keycode for this event.
    (WebCore::PlatformKeyboardEvent::disambiguateKeyDownEvent): When this event is
    transformed into a Char event, the PlatformKeyboardEvent used for DOM keypress
    events, and it has composition results clear the text members. This forces the
    EventHandler code to drop the keypress event. Platform events that change the
    composition states do not have corresponding keypress DOM events (only keydown
    and keyup events), so this is necessary to ensure web compatibility.
    Rework input method handling logic into a class called GtkInputMethodFilter.
    This filter now runs before WebCore event handling, allowing the code to more
    easily fake simple compositions that should be seen as keystrokes. We can also
    filter keypresses that should not go to web content at all, such as key up events
    related to key down events that were filtered.
    Also added is a WebViewInputMethodFilter which is a concrete implementation of
    GtkInputMethodFilter. This class contains logic for actually sending events to
    WebCore. In WebKit2 an implementation of GtkInputMethodFilter will send events
    across the IPC channel.
    * GNUmakefile.am: Add new files to the source list.
    * WebCoreSupport/ContextMenuClientGtk.cpp:
    (WebKit::inputMethodsMenuItem): Access the input method context via the filter.
    * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.cpp: Remove the tricky logic of input method
    events from this class, because it's now in the GtkInputMethodFilter.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::setInputMethodState): Call into the filter.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::shouldBeginEditing): We no longer need to update the composition here.
    This is handled by the focus in and focus out logic in the filter.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::shouldEndEditing): Ditto.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::respondToChangedSelection): Call into the filter now.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::handleInputMethodKeyboardEvent): Added this helper which executes
    any pending composition confirmation or preedit update actions as the default action of
    the keydown event.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::handleKeyboardEvent): Call handleInputMethodKeyboardEvent to do
    any pending composition action.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::handleInputMethodKeydown): Remove all the logic from this method.
    Keys are filtered before they are sent to WebCore now and the actual action of input method
    events happens in the keydown default action to increase compatibility with other browsers.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::EditorClient): Remove context signal management.
    (WebKit::EditorClient::~EditorClient): Ditto.
    * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.h:
    (EditorClient): No longer has some members that tracked IME status.
    * WebCoreSupport/WebViewInputMethodFilter.cpp: Added.
    * WebCoreSupport/WebViewInputMethodFilter.h: Added.
    * webkit/webkitwebview.cpp:
    (webkit_web_view_get_property): Get the context from the filter now.
    (webkit_web_view_key_press_event): Just send events straight to the filter.
    The filter will decide whether or not to send them to WebCore.
    (webkit_web_view_key_release_event): Ditto.
    (webkit_web_view_button_press_event): Use the filter to handle button press
    events related to IME.
    (webkit_web_view_focus_in_event): Notify the filter now.
    (webkit_web_view_focus_out_event): Ditto.
    (webkit_web_view_realize): The filter takes care of listening for realize now.
    (webkit_web_view_init): Set the WebView widget on the filter.
    * webkit/webkitwebviewprivate.h: Change the GtkIMContext member to be a GtkInputMethodFilter member.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@116114 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc