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    2008-06-26 Darin Adler <darin@apple.com> · 59c4d4eb
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            Reviewed by Geoff.
            - https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19721
              speed up JavaScriptCore by not wrapping strings in objects just
              to call functions on them
            - optimize UString append and the replace function a bit
            SunSpider says 1.8% faster.
            * JavaScriptCore.exp: Updated.
            * VM/JSPropertyNameIterator.cpp: Added include of JSString.h, now needed
            because jsString returns a JSString*.
            * VM/Machine.cpp:
            (KJS::Machine::privateExecute): Removed the toObject call from native
            function calls. Also removed code to put the this value into a register.
            * kjs/BooleanObject.cpp:
            (KJS::booleanProtoFuncToString): Rewrite to handle false and true
            * kjs/FunctionPrototype.cpp:
            (KJS::constructFunction): Use single-character append rather than building
            a string for each character.
            * kjs/JSFunction.cpp:
            (KJS::globalFuncUnescape): Ditto.
            * kjs/JSImmediate.cpp:
            (KJS::JSImmediate::prototype): Added. Gets the appropriate prototype for
            use with an immediate value. To be used instead of toObject when doing a
            get on an immediate value.
            * kjs/JSImmediate.h: Added prototype.
            * kjs/JSObject.cpp:
            (KJS::JSObject::toString): Tweaked formatting.
            * kjs/JSObject.h:
            (KJS::JSValue::get): Use prototype instead of toObject to avoid creating
            an object wrapper just to search for properties. This also saves an
            unnecessary hash table lookup since the object wrappers themselves don't
            have any properties.
            * kjs/JSString.h: Added toThisString and toThisJSString.
            * kjs/JSValue.cpp:
            (KJS::JSCell::toThisString): Added.
            (KJS::JSCell::toThisJSString): Added.
            (KJS::JSCell::getJSNumber): Added.
            (KJS::jsString): Changed return type to JSString*.
            (KJS::jsOwnedString): Ditto.
            * kjs/JSValue.h:
            (KJS::JSValue::toThisString): Added.
            (KJS::JSValue::toThisJSString): Added.
            (KJS::JSValue::getJSNumber): Added.
            * kjs/NumberObject.cpp:
            (KJS::NumberObject::getJSNumber): Added.
            (KJS::integer_part_noexp): Append C string directly rather than first
            turning it into a UString.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncToString): Use getJSNumber to check if the value
            is a number rather than isObject(&NumberObject::info). This works for
            immediate numbers, number cells, and NumberObject instances.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncToLocaleString): Ditto.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncValueOf): Ditto.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncToFixed): Ditto.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncToExponential): Ditto.
            (KJS::numberProtoFuncToPrecision): Ditto.
            * kjs/NumberObject.h: Added getJSNumber.
            * kjs/PropertySlot.cpp: Tweaked comment.
            * kjs/internal.cpp:
            (KJS::JSString::toThisString): Added.
            (KJS::JSString::toThisJSString): Added.
            (KJS::JSString::getOwnPropertySlot): Changed code that searches the
            prototype chain to start with the string prototype and not create a
            string object.
            (KJS::JSNumberCell::toThisString): Added.
            (KJS::JSNumberCell::getJSNumber): Added.
            * kjs/lookup.cpp:
            (KJS::staticFunctionGetter): Moved here, because there's no point in
            having a function that's only used for a function pointer be inline.
            (KJS::setUpStaticFunctionSlot): New function for getStaticFunctionSlot.
            * kjs/lookup.h:
            (KJS::staticValueGetter): Don't mark this inline. It doesn't make sense
            to have a function that's only used for a function pointer be inline.
            (KJS::getStaticFunctionSlot): Changed to get properties from the parent
            first before doing any handling of functions. This is the fastest way
            to return the function once the initial setup is done.
            * kjs/string_object.cpp:
            (KJS::StringObject::getPropertyNames): Call value() instead of getString(),
            avoiding an unnecessary virtual function call (the call to the type()
            function in the implementation of the isString() function).
            (KJS::StringObject::toString): Added.
            (KJS::StringObject::toThisString): Added.
            (KJS::StringObject::toThisJSString): Added.
            (KJS::substituteBackreferences): Rewrote to use a appending algorithm
            instead of a the old one that tried to replace in place.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncReplace): Merged this function and the replace function.
            Replaced the hand-rolled dynamic arrays for source ranges and replacements
            with Vector.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncToString): Handle JSString as well as StringObject.
            Removed the separate valueOf implementation, since it can just share this.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncCharAt): Use toThisString, which handles JSString as
            well as StringObject, and is slightly more efficient than the old code too.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncCharCodeAt): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncConcat): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncIndexOf): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncLastIndexOf): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncMatch): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSearch): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSlice): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSplit): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSubstr): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSubstring): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncToLowerCase): Use toThisJSString.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncToUpperCase): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncToLocaleLowerCase): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncToLocaleUpperCase): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncLocaleCompare): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncBig): Use toThisString.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSmall): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncBlink): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncBold): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncFixed): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncItalics): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncStrike): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSub): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncSup): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncFontcolor): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncFontsize): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncAnchor): Ditto.
            (KJS::stringProtoFuncLink): Ditto.
            * kjs/string_object.h: Added toString, toThisString, and toThisJSString.
            * kjs/ustring.cpp:
            (KJS::UString::append): Added a version that takes a character pointer and
            size, so we don't have to create a UString just to append to another UString.
            * kjs/ustring.h:
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