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    2011-05-29 Geoffrey Garen <ggaren@apple.com> · 58c6e459
    ggaren@apple.com authored
            Reviewed by Sam Weinig.
            Some heap refactoring
            SunSpider says no change.
            * JavaScriptCore.exp: Export!
            * heap/Heap.cpp: COLLECT_ON_EVERY_ALLOCATION can actually do so now.
            (JSC::Heap::Heap): Changed Heap sub-objects to point to the heap.
            (JSC::Heap::allocate): Changed inline allocation code to only select the
            size class, since this can be optimized out at compile time -- everything
            else is now inlined into this out-of-line function.
            No need to duplicate ASSERTs made in our caller.
            * heap/Heap.h:
            (JSC::Heap::setMarked): Call directly into MarkedBlock instead of adding
            a layer of indirection through MarkedSpace.
            (JSC::Heap::allocate): See above.
            * heap/MarkedBlock.cpp:
            * heap/MarkedBlock.h: Changed Heap sub-objects to point to the heap.
            * heap/MarkedSpace.cpp:
            * heap/MarkedSpace.h:
            (JSC::MarkedSpace::allocate): Updated to match changes above.
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