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            <rdar://problem/3663808> Resize large images to fit in the browser window
            * WebCore.exp:
            Add new settings method.
            * loader/ImageDocument.cpp:
            New class that handles resize events and click events and forwards them to the image document.
            Let the ImageDocument class keep track of its document structure.
            Returns the scale that should be used when resizing the image.
            Update the image size.
            Toggle between resized and not resized. When restoring the size, scroll the image so that the area under
            the mouse stays the same.
            When the image size is known, resize the image if needed.
            Restore the image size.
            Return whether the image is too big for its window or not.
            Called when the window's size changes. Determine if the window fits or not and resize it if it doesn't fit.
            Forward events to the image document.
            * page/Settings.cpp:
            * page/Settings.h:
            Add new setting.
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