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    2011-01-07 Antonio Gomes <agomes@rim.com> · 52560209
    tonikitoo@webkit.org authored
            Reviewed by Kenneth Rohde Christiansen.
            [Qt] Spatial Navigation: adding a test for when scrollbars are turned off via WebKit API
            Add a layout test to ensure that page is scrollable when spatial
            navgation is enabled even when scrollbars were disabled via WebKit
            API (e.g. QWebFrame::setScrollBarPolicy).
            Test is Qt-only for now since Qt's DRT is the only one that supports
            In real world QtWebKit apps, scrollbars are disabled usually prior to
            any page load. To emulate that on a layout test, it was added two html
            files: one that set scrollbars off and queues the load of the real
            test, and other that does the real testing.
            * platform/qt/fast/spatial-navigation/resources/ensure-scrolls-with-scrollbars-disabled-by-webkit.html: Added.
            * platform/qt/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-ensure-scrolls-with-scrollbars-disabled-by-webkit-expected.txt: Added.
            * platform/qt/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-ensure-scrolls-with-scrollbars-disabled-by-webkit.html: Added.
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