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    <https://webkit.org/b/119969> REGRESSION (r154232): Crash on the japantimes.co.jp · 3cf260a2
    antti@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Andreas Kling.
    PseudoElement no longer has parent and calling Element::insertedInto for them crashes as it tries to access it.
    Normally there are no pseudo elements when Element::insertedInto() is invoked as they get detached and attached
    along with rendering. However in this case the page inserts a <style> that uses ::before along with an element
    that it applies to. Stylesheet insertion triggers synchronous style recalc that attaches rendering to all newly
    insered elements. Later Element::insertedInto gets called for the element that has pseudo element and we crash.
    Test: fast/css-generated-content/insert-stylesheet-and-pseudo-crash.html
    * dom/Element.cpp:
        Remove calls to insertedInto/removedFrom for pseudo elements. They are not considered to be in document.
        When they are added normally during render tree attach these calls don't happen either.
    Reviewed by Andreas Kling.
    * fast/css-generated-content/insert-stylesheet-and-pseudo-crash-expected.txt: Added.
    * fast/css-generated-content/insert-stylesheet-and-pseudo-crash.html: Added.
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