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    * WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRenderer.h: Remove the flavor of · 3ba2c589
    darin authored
    	floatWidthForCharacters without the applyRounding boolean.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRenderer.m:
    	(-[IFTextRenderer drawCharacters:length:atPoint:withColor:]): Remove logic about
    	characters in the 0x7F-0xA0 range, since it's already handled by the time we get
    	around to drawing.
    	(-[IFTextRenderer floatWidthForCharacters:length:applyRounding:]): Pass in the
    	applyRounding boolean when calling through to slowFloatWidthForCharacters.
    	Move logic about characters in the 0x7F-0xA0 range from here into
    	(-[IFTextRenderer widthForCharacters:length:]): Call the version of
    	floatWidthForCharacters that takes the applyRounding parameter; this was the only
    	client of the flavor that didn't take the parameter.
    	(-[IFTextRenderer extendCharacterToGlyphMapToInclude:]): Add the logic about
    	characters in the 0x7F-0xA0 range into here.
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