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    Source/JavaScriptCore: Update JavaScriptCore files to use fully-qualified WTF include paths · 37ac49ee
    eric@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Adam Barth.
    This change does 5 small/related things:
     1. Updates JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj to install WTF headers into $BUILD/usr/local/include
        (WebCore, WebKit were already setup to look there, but JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj
        was not installing headers there.)
     2. Makes JavaScriptCore targets include $BUILD/usr/local/include in their
        header search path, as that's where the WTF headers will be installed.
     3. Similarly updates JavaScriptCore.vcproj/copy-files.cmd to copy WTF headers to PrivateHeaders/wtf/*
        in addition to the current behavior of flattening all headers to PrivateHeaders/*.h.
     4. Updates a bunch of JSC files to use #include <wtf/Foo.h> instead of #include "Foo.h"
        since soon the WTF headers will not be part of the JavaScriptCore Xcode project.
     5. Makes build-webkit build the WTF XCode project by default.
    * API/tests/JSNode.c:
    * API/tests/JSNodeList.c:
    * Configurations/Base.xcconfig:
    * assembler/MacroAssemblerCodeRef.h:
    * bytecompiler/BytecodeGenerator.h:
    * dfg/DFGOperations.cpp:
    * heap/GCAssertions.h:
    * heap/HandleHeap.h:
    * heap/HandleStack.h:
    * heap/MarkedSpace.h:
    * heap/PassWeak.h:
    * heap/Strong.h:
    * heap/Weak.h:
    * jit/HostCallReturnValue.cpp:
    * jit/JIT.cpp:
    * jit/JITStubs.cpp:
    * jit/ThunkGenerators.cpp:
    * parser/Lexer.cpp:
    * runtime/Completion.cpp:
    * runtime/Executable.cpp:
    * runtime/Identifier.h:
    * runtime/InitializeThreading.cpp:
    * runtime/JSDateMath.cpp:
    * runtime/JSGlobalObjectFunctions.cpp:
    * runtime/JSStringBuilder.h:
    * runtime/JSVariableObject.h:
    * runtime/NumberPrototype.cpp:
    * runtime/WriteBarrier.h:
    * tools/CodeProfile.cpp:
    * tools/TieredMMapArray.h:
    * yarr/YarrJIT.cpp:
    Tools: Update JavaScriptCore files to use fully-qualified WTF include path
    Reviewed by Adam Barth.
    Build WTF/WTF.xcodeproj by default on Mac.
    * Scripts/build-webkit:
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@109837 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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