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    2011-01-27 Abhishek Arya <inferno@chromium.org> · 372ce0de
    inferno@chromium.org authored
            Reviewed by Dan Bernstein.
            Recalc table sections if needed before calculating the first line
            box baseline.
            When we try to calculate the baseline position of a table cell,
            we recurse through all the child sibling boxes (when children are
            non inline) and add their first linebox baseline values. If one of
            the children is a table with pending section recalc, we will access
            wrong table section values. We recalc table sections if it is needed.
            Test: fast/table/recalc-section-first-body-crash-main.html
            * rendering/RenderTable.cpp:
    2011-01-27  Abhishek Arya  <inferno@chromium.org>
            Reviewed by Dan Bernstein.
            Tests that we do not crash when calculating the first line box
            baseline for the table.
            * fast/table/recalc-section-first-body-crash-main-expected.txt: Added.
            * fast/table/recalc-section-first-body-crash-main.html: Added.
            * fast/table/resources/recalc-section-first-body-crash.html: Added.
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