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            * Site/Internal/Design/CFURL.rtf: Added.
            * Scripts/last-update: Added. Script for Trey that tells you when
    	you last did a cvs update, based on most-recently updated ChangeLog.
    	- stop garbage collecting the ActivationImp objects, gets 3% on iBench
    	- pave the way to separate the argument lists from scope chains
            * kjs/context.h: Added. Moved ContextImp here so it can use things defined
    	in function.h
            * kjs/scope_chain.h: Added. Starting as a copy of List, to be improved.
            * kjs/scope_chain.cpp: Added. Starting as a copy of List, to be improved.
            * JavaScriptCore.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Rearranged things, added context.h.
            * kjs/function.cpp:
            (FunctionImp::call): Pass InterpreterImp, not ExecState, to ContextImp.
            (DeclaredFunctionImp::DeclaredFunctionImp): List -> ScopeChain.
            (ActivationImp::createArgumentsObject): ArgumentList -> List.
            (GlobalFuncImp::call): Pass InterpreterImp, not an ExecState, to ContextImp.
            * kjs/function.h: List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/function_object.cpp: (FunctionObjectImp::construct): List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/internal.cpp:
            (ContextImp::ContextImp): Set the context in the interpreter.
            (ContextImp::~ContextImp): Set the context in the interpreter to the caller.
            (ContextImp::mark): Mark all the activation objects.
            (InterpreterImp::InterpreterImp): Initialize context to 0.
            (InterpreterImp::mark): Mark the top context.
            (InterpreterImp::evaluate): Pass InterpreterImp to ContextImp.
            * kjs/internal.h: Move ContextImp to its own header. Add setContext to InterpreterImp.
            * kjs/interpreter.cpp: (Context::scopeChain): List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/interpreter.h: List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/nodes.cpp:
            (ResolveNode::evaluateReference): List -> ScopeChain.
            (FuncDeclNode::processFuncDecl): List -> ScopeChain.
            (FuncExprNode::evaluate): List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/object.cpp: List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/object.h: List -> ScopeChain.
            * kjs/types.h: Remove needsMarking features from List.
            * kjs/types.cpp: Ditto.
            * khtml/ecma/kjs_dom.cpp: (DOMNode::eventHandlerScope): List -> ScopeChain.
            * khtml/ecma/kjs_dom.h: List -> ScopeChain.
            * khtml/ecma/kjs_events.cpp: (JSEventListener::handleEvent): List -> ScopeChain.
            * khtml/ecma/kjs_html.cpp: (KJS::HTMLElement::eventHandlerScope): List -> ScopeChain.
            * khtml/ecma/kjs_html.h: List -> ScopeChain.
            * force-js-clean-timestamp: Not sure this is required, but better safe than sorry.
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