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    2010-10-25 Chang Shu <chang.shu@nokia.com> · 2ffbd60a
    chang.shu@nokia.com authored
            Reviewed by Antonio Gomes.
            Should use eventSender for simulating keyboard events instead of using js
            event.initKeyboardEvent. Otherwise, inside WebCore, the keyboardevent
            object does not have a "PlatformKeyboardEvent" associated with it and this
            results different behavior as the real key press.
            This code change unveils that test snav-multiple-select.html is broken. It
            alos causes snav-single-select.html hangs on Mac. These will be fixed in
            seperate patches.
            * fast/events/spatial-navigation/resources/spatial-navigation-utils.js:
            * fast/events/spatial-navigation/snav-multiple-select-expected.txt:
            * platform/mac/Skipped:
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