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    StringHasher functions require alignment that call sites do not all guarantee · 08fec633 authored
    Reviewed by Benjamin Poulain.
    * platform/graphics/WidthCache.h:
    (WebCore::WidthCache::SmallStringKey::SmallStringKey): Use the newly added
    addCharactersAssumingAligned to make sure we don't slow this call site down.
    It's safe since this code always adds characters two at a time.
    The StringHasher class is optimized for clients who pass it two characters at
    a time. However, the function named addCharacters did not make this clear to
    clients, and one calculateStringHashAndLengthFromUTF8MaskingTop8Bits got it wrong.
    Fix by making addCharacters work regardless of hasher alignment and adding a new
    function, addCharactersAssumingAligned, for use when we want a faster path and can
    guarantee we are adding characters two at a time.
    * wtf/StringHasher.h:
    (WTF::StringHasher::addCharactersAssumingAligned): Renamed the addCharacters function
    addCharactersAssumingAligned, since it only works if the hasher is currently aligned,
    meaning it contains an even number of characters. The function already asserts
    that this is true, but the calculateStringHashAndLengthFromUTF8MaskingTop8Bits
    function was using it in cases where the assertion could fire. Also updated to
    call addCharactersInternal by its new name. Also added some new overloads that take
    data pointers and lengths so callers can always use addCharactersAssumingAligned
    instead of addCharacters if they know the hasher is aligned.
    (WTF::StringHasher::addCharacter): Updated to call the public
    addCharactersAssumingAligned function since that's simpler and a bit cleaner.
    (WTF::StringHasher::addCharacters): Added functions with this name that handle
    the case where the hasher is not aligned. These will be called by existing call sites
    that were formerly using the function named addCharactersAssumingAligned above.
    Also add an overload that works with the default converter automatically.
    (WTF::StringHasher::computeHashAndMaskTop8Bits): Changed to call
    addCharactersAssumingAligned to eliminate copied and pasted code. The hasher is empty,
    so definitely aligned.
    (WTF::StringHasher::computeHash): Ditto.
    (WTF::StringHasher::addCharactersInternal): Renamed from addCharactersToHash, since
    the former name did not make clear how this differs from the public functions.
    The real difference is that this is like addCharactersAssumingAligned, but without
    the assertion, so addCharactersAssumingAligned is called instead, even within the
    class's implementation.
    * TestWebKitAPI/CMakeLists.txt:
    * TestWebKitAPI/
    * TestWebKitAPI/TestWebKitAPI.gypi:
    * TestWebKitAPI/TestWebKitAPI.vcxproj/TestWebKitAPI.vcxproj:
    * TestWebKitAPI/TestWebKitAPI.vcxproj/TestWebKitAPI.vcxproj.filters:
    * TestWebKitAPI/TestWebKitAPI.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
    * TestWebKitAPI/Tests/WTF/
    * TestWebKitAPI/win/TestWebKitAPI.vcproj:
    Added the StringHasher.cpp file.
    * TestWebKitAPI/Tests/WTF/StringHasher.cpp: Added. Contains a bunch of tests
    for the functions in the StringHasher class.
    git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc