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    Unreviewed, rolling back in part1 of r118646. · 218a16a3
    ggaren@apple.com authored
    This patch includes everything necessary for lazy finalization, but
    keeps eager finalization enabled for the time being.
    Weak pointer finalization should be lazy
    Reviewed by Sam Weinig.
    * heap/MarkedBlock.cpp:
    * heap/MarkedBlock.h:
    * heap/MarkedSpace.cpp:
    * heap/MarkedSpace.h:
    (JSC::MarkedSpace::resetAllocators): Don't force allocator reset anymore.
    It will happen automatically when a weak set is swept. It's simpler to
    have only one canonical way for this to happen, and it wasn't buying
    us anything to do it eagerly.
    * heap/WeakBlock.cpp:
    (JSC::WeakBlock::sweep): Don't short-circuit a sweep unless we know
    the sweep would be a no-op. If even one finalizer is pending, we need to
    run it, since we won't get another chance.
    * heap/WeakSet.cpp:
    (JSC::WeakSet::sweep): This loop can be simpler now that
    WeakBlock::sweep() does what we mean.
    Reset our allocator after a sweep because this is the optimal time to
    start trying to recycle old weak pointers.
    (JSC::WeakSet::tryFindAllocator): Don't sweep when searching for an
    allocator because we've swept already, and forcing a new sweep would be
    * heap/WeakSet.h:
    (JSC::WeakSet::shrink): Be sure to reset our allocator after a shrink
    because the shrink may have removed the block the allocator was going to
    allocate out of.
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