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    - oops, checked in big regression instead of 5% speedup · 1a208841
    darin authored
            * kjs/function.cpp: (ActivationImp::ActivationImp): Make a marking
    	list, not a refing list.
    	- a cut at the sparse array implementation
            * kjs/array_instance.h: Keep storageLength separate from length.
            * kjs/array_object.cpp:
            (ArrayInstanceImp::ArrayInstanceImp): Start with storageLength == length.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::get): Check against storage length.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::put): Ditto.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::hasProperty): Ditto.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::deleteProperty): Ditto.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::setLength): Only enlarge storage length up to a cutoff.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::mark): Use storageLength.
            (ArrayInstanceImp::pushUndefinedObjectsToEnd): Added FIXME.
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