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            Fix for <rdar://problem/4570475> Dashboard regions do not scale for 
            non-1.0 scale factors.
            No test cases added since this only affects non-1.0 resolution 
            scale factors.
            * platform/FloatRect.cpp:
            (WebCore::FloatRect::scale): Added new function that scales a 
            rect's origin and size by a given factor.
            * platform/FloatRect.h:
            * platform/IntRect.cpp:
            (WebCore::IntRect::scale): Same as above.
            * platform/IntRect.h:
            * rendering/RenderObject.cpp:
            (WebCore::RenderObject::addDashboardRegions): After the bounds and 
            clip rects on the Dashboard region have been calculated, get the 
            user space scale factor, and if it is not 1.0, scale the rects.
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