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    darin authored
    	Move more plugin code into WebKit.
    	Stop using IF for anything in WebCore to help make it clear what's part of
    	the BSD licensed stuff and what's part of our proprietary stuff.
    	* libwebcore.exp: Names of what exported changed.
    	* kwq/Makefile.am: Source file names changed.
    	* kwq/IFTextRenderer.h: Renamed to WebCoreTextRenderer.
    	* kwq/IFTextRendererFactory.h: Renamed to WebCoreTextRendererFactory.
    	* kwq/IFTextRendererFactory.m: Renamed to WebCoreTextRendererFactory.
    	* kwq/WebCoreTextRenderer.h: Renamed from IFTextRenderer.
    	* kwq/WebCoreTextRendererFactory.h: Renamed from IFTextRendererFactory.
    	* kwq/WebCoreTextRendererFactory.m: Renamed from IFTextRendererFactory.
    	* kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm:
    	* kwq/KWQPainter.mm:
    	Updated for IF -> WebCore name change.
    	* kwq/WebCoreViewFactory.h: Added.
    	* kwq/WebCoreViewFactory.m: Added.
    	* kwq/KWQKConfigBase.mm: (KConfig::readEntry): (KConfig::readNumEntry):
    	Use the new [WebCoreViewFactory pluginsInfo] so we don't have to have
    	the plugin database in WebCore any more.
    	* kwq/WCJavaAppletWidget.h:
    	* kwq/WCJavaAppletWidget.mm: (IFJavaAppletWidgetCreate):
    	* kwq/WCPluginWidget.h:
    	* kwq/WCPluginWidget.mm: (IFPluginWidgetCreate):
    	Remove creation function machinery, and use the WebCoreViewFactory instead.
    	* kwq/WCPlugin.h: Moved to WebKit.
    	* kwq/WCPlugin.mm: Moved to WebKit.
    	* kwq/WCPluginDatabase.h: Moved to WebKit.
    	* kwq/WCPluginDatabase.mm: Moved to WebKit.
    	* kwq/npapi.h: Moved to WebKit.
    	* kwq/npapi.mm: Moved to WebKit.
    	Move more plugin code here from WebCore.
    	* IFWebCoreViewFactory.h: Added.
    	* IFWebCoreViewFactory.m: Added.
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPlugin.h: Moved from WebCore.
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPlugin.m: Moved from WebCore.
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPluginDatabase.h: Moved from WebCore.
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPluginDatabase.m: Moved from WebCore.
    	* Plugins.subproj/npapi.h: Moved from WebCore.
    	* Plugins.subproj/npapi.m: Moved from WebCore.
    	* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Source file names changed
    	* MIME.subproj/IFMIMEDatabase.m:
    	* MIME.subproj/IFMIMEHandler.m:
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPluginView.h:
    	* Plugins.subproj/IFPluginView.mm:
    	Updated for WC -> IF name change.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFCachedTextRenderer.h: Renamed to IFTextRenderer.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFCachedTextRenderer.m: Renamed to IFTextRenderer.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFCachedTextRendererFactory.h: Renamed to IFTextRendererFactory.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFCachedTextRendererFactory.m: Renamed to IFTextRendererFactory.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRenderer.h: Renamed from IFCachedTextRenderer.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRenderer.m: Renamed from IFCachedTextRenderer.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRendererFactory.h: Renamed from IFCachedTextRendererFactory.
    	* WebCoreSupport.subproj/IFTextRendererFactory.m: Renamed from IFCachedTextRendererFactory.
    	Renamed to take "Cached" out of the name now that the simpler name is
    	* WebView.subproj/IFWebView.mm:
    	(-[IFWebView initWithFrame:]): Create shared IFWebCoreViewFactory.
    	(-[IFWebView delayLayout:]): Use WEBKITDEBUG, not KWQDEBUG.
    	(-[IFWebView notificationReceived:]): Use WEBKITDEBUG, not KWQDEBUG.
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