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            - Fixed <rdar://problem/4559720> window sizing: make javascript window 
            and screen sizing methods and properties work @ HIDPI
            The general approach here is to change some ints to floats, make 
            a few key functions that scale between WebView and window/screen 
            coordinates, and change other functions that work with screen 
            coordinates to use the scaling functions for their underlying 
            * manual-tests/window-open-features.html: Removed.
            * manual-tests/window-sizing.html: Added. More test coverage.
            * bindings/js/kjs_window.cpp: Changed ints to floats and IntRects to
            FloatRects, because window coordinates can be fractional when scaled 
            to WebView/DOM coordinates.
            * bridge/BrowserExtension.h:
            * bridge/mac/BrowserExtensionMac.mm:
            (WebCore::BrowserExtensionMac::createNewWindow): Removed custom scaling
            code and replaced with calls to Page::windowRect and 
            Page::setWindowRect. Renamed 'page' and 'bridge' to 'pageBridge' and
            'frameBridge,' respectively.
            * bridge/mac/PageMac.mm:
            (WebCore::Page::windowRect): Changed to use scaling
            (WebCore::Page::setWindowRect): ditto
            * bridge/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.mm:
            * page/Page.h:
            * platform/IntRect.h:
            * platform/Screen.h:
            * platform/mac/MouseEventMac.mm:
            (WebCore::globalPositionForEvent): Changed to use flipScreenPoint
            * platform/mac/ScreenMac.mm:
            (WebCore::flipScreenRect): New key function
            (WebCore::flipScreenPoint): New key function
            (WebCore::scaleScreenRectToView): New key function
            (WebCore::scaleViewRectToScreen): New key function
            (WebCore::screenRect): Changed to use scaling
            (WebCore::usableScreenRect): ditto
            Feeble attempt to preserve Windows build:
            * platform/win/ScreenWin.cpp:
            (WebCore::scaleScreenRectToWidget): stub -- doesn't actually scale
            (WebCore::scaleWidgetRectToScreen): ditto
            * bridge/win/PageWin.cpp:
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