Commit c3e9e5e3 authored by Dan Radez's avatar Dan Radez Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Create Congress Nova datasource with api_version"

parents 22e8ced8 1f6156f5
......@@ -111,12 +111,17 @@ openstack endpoint delete \$swift_endpoint_id
openstack service delete \$swift_service_id
if [ "${deploy_options_array['congress']}" == 'True' ]; then
ds_configs="--config username=\$OS_USERNAME
--config tenant_name=\$OS_TENANT_NAME
--config password=\$OS_PASSWORD
--config auth_Url=\$OS_AUTH_URL"
for s in nova neutronv2 ceilometer cinder glancev2 keystone; do
openstack congress datasource create \$s "\$s" \\
--config username=\$OS_USERNAME \\
--config tenant_name=\$OS_TENANT_NAME \\
--config password=\$OS_PASSWORD \\
--config auth_url=\$OS_AUTH_URL
if [ "\$s" == "nova" ]; then
nova_micro_version=\$(nova version-list | grep CURRENT | awk '{print \$10}')
ds_extra_configs+="--config api_version="\$nova_micro_version"
openstack congress datasource create \$s "\$s" \$ds_configs \$ds_extra_configs
openstack congress datasource create doctor "doctor"
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